JANUARY 23, 2020

DAVOS 2020


In conjunction with the 50th Annual Meeting of the



The Digital Economist Night in Davos, Switzerland, convened over 300 CxOs, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and social impact leaders with an all-star Council of 35 global leaders and 16 partners, led by MIT Connection Science. Discussions focused on the impact of emerging technologies and the larger global socioeconomic and political systems they are embedded in.


Davos 2020 Hacked: Tech And Innovation Dominate

Keynote Address

Building a Human-centered Digital Economy:

The role of Technological Convergence

Alex Pentland, MIT

Partner Organization

"The traction and deep relationships that were ignited at The Digital Economist Night at WEF 2020 have catapulted Dream Tank into a global organization within 3 months."

Heidi Cuppari, Dream Tank

Partner Organization

"Partnering with The Digital Economist has opened up opportunities to take to the world stage and share our work on economic equality through workforce development in the high-tech industry. Although the world has changed since World Economic Forum 2020, our commitment to our goals has only increased."

Neelima Parasker, SnapIT Solutions